Sara Blakely: A Pisces Business Guide To Millions

By MeganO / March 16, 2023 /

  Sara Blakely is one of my favourite entrepreneurs ever and an excellent example of Pisces’s gentle strength to grow their business. I first saw Sara on Oprah Winfrey in 2006 when she presented a cheque for a million dollars live on air to Oprah’s girl’s school in South Africa. She shared her story to…

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The Big Three: Sun, Moon and Rising

By MeganO / March 6, 2023 / Comments Off on The Big Three: Sun, Moon and Rising

  Astrology has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and seen in a corny pop culture way. I see astrology as a tool, nothing more, nothing less. As Astrologer Steven Forrest says, “Astrology can vividly portray the happiest life for us. It can tell us what tools are available for the job and how best to employ them.”…

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Can You Find Your Path Through Astrology?

By MeganO / February 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Can You Find Your Path Through Astrology?

    Can you find your path through astrology? According to my natal chart, relationships are my thing, as in my astrological thing. I was born with my sun in the seventh house, which governs relationships to others, particularly one-on-one and long-term relationships like marriage and my BFF. In other words, I am here in…

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Pisces New Moon: A Spiritual Time

By MeganO / February 21, 2023 / Comments Off on Pisces New Moon: A Spiritual Time

I recently spoke to a group of introverted Entrepreneurs describing how they can use their zodiac natal chart to help them expand their businesses. We have natural strengths influenced by the constellation when we are born. For example, those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer have the strong ability to nurture. As a result,…

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Rachel Rodgers: Astro Star of the Month!

By MeganO / February 14, 2023 / Comments Off on Rachel Rodgers: Astro Star of the Month!

Lean into your sun sign strengths for business growth! In launching my new astrology service, I’ve had lots of fun working with old clients to find their natal sun’s greatest strengths. So it made me curious to study my favourite entrepreneur’s zodiac charts to see how their their star power plays out in their business…

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