Sun Sign


A masterclass to learn how to amplify the natural qualities of your Sun sign to create more abundance and money in your life.

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This masterclass will help you to learn...

  • The specific qualities of your Sun sign
  • How to create easeful money making ways
  • Natal Sun money mindset blocks
  • your natural area of action

a new way of creating abundance

This masterclass will help you to create more abundance

You will learn in this masterclass to activate your Sun's money-making superpowers

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Astrology is the roadmap to self-acceptance

I truly believe that in order to become the best version of yourself, you need to understand who you are naturally.

The stars create a road map to understanding and self-acceptance. The Sun is the planet that allows you to express your individuality and creativity. In this Masterclass, we will explore your sign and how it holds the key to expanding. The more confident in yourself the easier it is to create abundance.

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hello I am Megan O'Neill

I help female entrepreneurs scale their business through heart centred transformation

I have worked 1:1 in the mindset 'trenches' for over twenty years with hundreds of clients, so I'm an experienced hand who deeply understands what keeps us stuck and inert.

As a Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon and loads of past life practical Virgo energy, I approach my work with clients by blending optimism, humour, and intellect with the soulful tool of astrology.

an hour of fun and knowledge for action, I promise!


"Your mindset/astrology sessions are crazy good. You’re so good at it and I love working you.”

“I find working with Megan very beneficial. I really mean it. It impacts me a ton - if money was no object I would have a regular thing. 

Jane Kristoffy

Educational Strategist, Author and Speaker

"Working with Megan is always a joy. She is caring and insightful..”

My session with Megan helped me with all of that. I left with nuggets that play through my head regularly about what I’m good at, about the path that I’m on and why it’s the right fit for me, and it’s made me feel braver about the next steps I’m planning to take in my life and career.

Lara Wellman

Sun sign


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