Sara Blakely: A Pisces Business Guide To Millions


Sara Blakely is one of my favourite entrepreneurs ever and an excellent example of Pisces’s gentle strength to grow their business.

I first saw Sara on Oprah Winfrey in 2006 when she presented a cheque for a million dollars live on air to Oprah’s girl’s school in South Africa. She shared her story to Oprah of when her business had stalled, and she felt lost; she had begged The Universe for a sign to show her she was on the right path.

She flicked on the TV to see Oprah that very moment say she was cutting off the feet of her pantyhose, an idea similar to the one Sara was seeking a manufacturer to produce. She had her sign, and shortly after, her billion-dollar business took off.

In the case of Sara Blakely, she began listening to tapes of the famous self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer called “How to be a No-Limit Person” at sixteen. She credits her success to the working on mindset long before she started Spanx.

Blakely spoke to Forbes magazine about selling Spanx to Blackstone, the private investment banking company: “I have run this business, I’ve run my life, very, very connected to intuition, which we all have. It’s an inner knowing,” she told Moira Forbes Executive Vice President and President of ForbesWomen, “I just always said, ‘I’ll just know, I’ll know when it’s the right time for the business. I’ll know when it’s the right time for me.'”

As a sun sign, Pisces is the zodiac’s most dreamy and mystical sign. So it was natural for Sara Blakely to look for divine guidance. The phrase that I think best represents Pisces is “I believe .” They believe in their intuition because they are so comfortable leaning into the mystical world for diving guidance.

In a business astrology reading, we remind Pisces that this Piscean power is magnified by incorporating soulful and spiritual elements into their business. They shouldn’t shy away from showing the woo-woo because it’s who they are, and it has real power to manifest business growth.

I see Sara as an ideal example of Piscean business practices. They naturally channel their gift of compassion, intuition and ability to go deeper within themselves to create a profitable business where they show their spiritual side as they are meant to do.

If you are a Pisces sun sign or have Pisces personal planets, remember you shine through your compassion and imagination and by helping others to understand we are all part of the same universe. As Sara Blakely advises businesswomen, “honour a lot of the feminine principles of intuition, empathy, kindness, [and] just allowing yourself to be vulnerable through this process.”

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