The Big Three: Sun, Moon and Rising


Astrology has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and seen in a corny pop culture way. I see astrology as a tool, nothing more, nothing less. As Astrologer Steven Forrest says, “Astrology can vividly portray the happiest life for us. It can tell us what tools are available for the job and how best to employ them.”
A great starter kit to use in the astrology is known as the Primal Tridad and comprises your Sun, Moon and Rising. Knowing these signs helps describe essential parts of our personality and acts as a star blueprint for guidance. If you deeply understand what motivates you intrinsically, you will become more aligned with your business or relationships.
The Big 3 are Pillars of Your Personality:
The Sun Sign: The essence of your personality Our sense of purpose
The Moon Sign: Your emotional nature. How we operate unconsciously daily
The Rising Sign (or Ascendant): The mask you show the world. The first thing people see of us.
Our Sun, for example, is our basic personality, who we strive to be, and where we can shine. As my astrology mentor Kathryn Hocking says, “Find your happiness where the Sun shines.” She means that if we embrace our Sign’s characteristics and what we are here in this life to learn, we will live a happier life.
For a Taurus Sun sign, the Soul’s purpose is to find peace and serenity. Mother Earth acts as her primary teacher which is why a Taurus finds herself yearning for a walk in the forest or donning new gardening gloves to plant spring seeds. They need to be grounded, and you can’t get more connected to the earth than gardening!
Venus also rules Taurus, so naturally, they will love things that bring pleasure. I saw an old Taurus acquaintance on Facebook who had just created a second business creating gorgeous bouquets, many of the flowers coming from her garden in the country. I had to send her a note telling her she was a textbook sun sign Taurus entrepreneur—gardening and creating beauty with her bouquets.
I do not know her the moon. That would be fun and enlightening to know because I would help me understand what nurtures her both in her business and in her life. Mindset specialist loves to use the moon to give us additional information on what subconscious blocks lie within.
The last of the three is the rising or ascendant. It is also called your Soul Sign in Esoteric Astrology because it can give greater insight into your greater mission. So, if you have a Cancer Rising, your purpose is to spread compassion. For example, if you are a Business Coach with a Cancer rising, you will shine the most when you create a Facebook group that highlights your caring nature. It allows you to teach them how to integrate business and home. That strong ‘mother’ energy of Cancer will attract a specific client to the group who needs that extra layer of nurturing that the Business Coach possesses.
In learning my ‘big three’ I have completely shifted how I feel about myself, my history and how I should approach the future. Let’s just say, I no longer feel badly about things I would do or want to do. My sun, moon and rising designed it to be that way!
Want to learn about your unique blueprint? You’ll take action very differently, I guarantee.
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