Can You Find Your Path Through Astrology?



Can you find your path through astrology?

According to my natal chart, relationships are my thing, as in my astrological thing. I was born with my sun in the seventh house, which governs relationships to others, particularly one-on-one and long-term relationships like marriage and my BFF. In other words, I am here in this life to evolve through relationships, and we know this because anything touched by the sun is given power and strength. It also points you to where you might have a significant impact. 

My chart has many other layers that give more information, but I wanted to share one thing: your birth chart provides information about your nature in the past, present and future. It is a tool to help point you in the right direction to where you can grow and shine and work to improve. In my case, these last couple of years it has shown me where I’m best suited in my business.

We are not always open and interested in seeing our path, though. For example, the Universe loudly messaged me over the years that relationships should be a part of my work, even bringing me to Ottawa to work at a relationship centre, helping people to improve their relationship skills. Yet, I still didn’t make the connection for many years. 

The clarity came in when I started to really dig down deep on my natal chart. I reflected on the pattern of past clients and saw in all these different ways, the seventh house (relationships) was where I felt the most productive and confident. It even connected to my money houses where we are likely to manifest. 

After a lot of overthinking, as only Air signs are apt to do, and worrying about changing my focus after years known for my entrepreneurial mindset specialty, I decided to stop trying to make sense of things logically and have faith that the messages are correct. I just needed to embrace my path and believe.

I will launch the Seventh House Astrology Academy later this month, with the first program being ‘Astrological Harmony’ – a crash course in understanding who we harmonize from an astrological perspective. You can begin to 


I intend this academy to be built with numerous shorter group courses over the next couple of years that help people, specifically women, to understand more deeply the relationship implications of our planets so they can recognize who is their best love match. 


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