Pisces New Moon: A Spiritual Time

I recently spoke to a group of introverted Entrepreneurs describing how they can use their zodiac natal chart to help them expand their businesses. We have natural strengths influenced by the constellation when we are born. For example, those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer have the strong ability to nurture. As a result, they are well suited to have a Facebook group to expand their business.

We are also influenced by the new moon’s energy each month, and we can use the energy to help us navigate our business and personal life. Today, the new moon moves into Pisces, and magic is in the air!


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the most spiritual. The energy reminds us of our spirituality and our connection to the Universe.

The new moon in Pisces is a good time:

• Creativity

• Transmuting negative energy

• Exploring Faith

• Compassionate action

• Remeber spiritual connections

• Intuition & Psychic skills

• Remembering dreams


If there was ever a time to meditate, the Pisces new moon is it! Allow yourself to create the space to experience ah-ha moments and insight. This may be an opportunity to see the direction your business or life is calling you to go.


I am consciously allowing myself to create more time to connect to my higher self through meditation, journalling and yoga. To balance my Pisces North Node, I actively (my active Gemini mind doesn’t want to stop) work on creating trust that the Universe will guide me to what I need to do in my life and business

Be aware that Pisces is concerned with healing and absorbs negative emotions from others. Are you feeling drained from others? It may be a good time for some alone time or time near water. 

This clarity has gifted me with a new sense of self and a stronger determination to have a greater impact. I hope that for you too.


Because the only way to show up fully for your business is to first show up fully for yourself. Thank you for taking this time with me.


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Cheering for you,