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Cosmic Compatibility Tool Kit $19

Are you looking for a new/ old way to understand yourself and see whether you are cosmically connected to someone?

My upcoming course dives into the vital zodiac areas that will guide us to that can create a relationship that feels easy.

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Star guide to Money 

Is there money guidance in your chart? Stay tuned for my upcoming course on finding abundance in your chart.

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Stars and Hearts Program for Soulful Women

A group program for women to build their relationship mindset in a soulful and practical way to attract a relationship that is finally aligned with the real you.

We look to our natal chart to guide us toward self-acceptance and natural strengths.

I teach mindset skills learned from working 1:1 with individuals and couples.

The Sun shows you the real you.

The Moon guides us to our emotions, and we need to be nurtured and nurture

Venus is how we attract and what gives us pleasure and our values in our relationship

Mercury is our intellect and communication style

Mars will allow us to explore our approach to conflict and action.

South and North Node: Our past lives energy and our growth in this life.


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"Do not be surprised how quickly the Universe responds once you have decided"