It’s Leo Season

Leo Season is here. What does this mean to you, my majestic friends?
My mum was a Leo and I grew up with a huge, colourful picture of Leo in the bathroom that had colours you would associate with Leo: yellow, sunburnt oranges and red. It screamed, “Here I am, in all my glorious colour, hear me roar.” And roar she did!
Leos are here to be seen. They are ruled by the Sun and people born under this sign or those with many personal planets in Leo often display the qualities above. They are assumed to be super confident but many astrologers will correct that by saying instead that Leo is here to find out who they are. They are striving to develop confidence in themselves. They want to know who they are and often seek to express themselves through creativity.
As the child of a Leo and having my oldest friend a Leo as well, I always think of Leos as honourable people. They are fuelled by their ideals. That’s why we feel ourselves easily led by Leo people. Think of Barack Obama and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Both nations received great admiration from the world because of these two leaders. They led based on their ideals and had few scandals.
I have spent many years working with my clients on relationship skills and if you are a Leo, I want to remind you that Venus Retrograde in Leo begins in a couple of days and you will feel it. Venus Retrograde is a time for reflection of our relationship with money and earnings, the worth we place on our skills and creativity, how we appreciate art and beauty, and whether we feel secure in ourselves to express who we are.
Astrologically, Leo is a sign striving to express their individuality and identity through creating and giving. The Venus Retrograde offers the opportunity to get to the bottom of who you are and how you need to shine your light in the world and in relationships. Did your relationships still work for you? Are you hindering your self-expression for them? All good questions to explore in the next forty days.
Remember, you are here to develop your confidence like no other sign.
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