Five Steps to Hope and Positivity in Post-Breakup Dating


Navigating the dating world as a single parent post-divorce can feel daunting. The journey might have left scars, creating a mix of hope and hesitation as you ponder opening your heart again. But, as someone who has coached women on building supportive romantic relationships for over twenty years, I want to share a perspective that’s been transformative for me and might be for you too.

It’s about the energy we release into the world and its power to shape our experiences. Holding onto hope and projecting positivity doesn’t just change our outlook; it transforms what comes back to us, opening doors we might have thought were closed forever. Just think about body language and facial expressions of someone who seems open and confident.

1. Stay Open to Love: Remember, the mindset of hope and positivity is your key to staying open to new possibilities.

2. Visualize Your Ideal Partner. It helps you subconscious to focus on what you need to see and hear.

3. Take time to reflect on what truly matters to you in a relationship. Writing down the qualities you’re looking for can be a powerful exercise in clarity.

4. Walking away from what doesn’t align with your desires is challenging but necessary. Trust that your needs are valid and that the universe is aligning to meet them.

5. Trust in Yourself & the Universe. Perhaps cynicism and doubt is strong but imagine you can trust. Our imagination allows us to take a step toward shifting our mindset

To my single friends stepping back into the dating world, remember: Your past does not define your future. Every step forward is a step towards a new beginning filled with the love and happiness you deserve. Keep your heart open, your hopes high, and believe in the power of positivity. The best is yet to come.

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