Your Ascendant Can Help You in Your Business and Personal Life.


I have a Taurus daughter (April 20th- May 21st), which you can’t plan, but I also have close Taurus friends, which I always thought was strange for a Gemini sun sign until I learned about the function of my Rising (Ascendant) and my Descendant. The two opposite points in your natal chart hold information that can help us in our personal and business life.
If you still need to get a chance to read my blog on how to find your Rising if you don’t know your birth time, check it out here.
Your Rising is sometimes called your social mask; it is the first thing people see about us and how we experience the world. For example, I have a Scorpio Rising, meaning people might see me as deep and intense and someone they can confide in about old secrets. If, on the other hand, if I had a Cancer Rising, I might feel like a nurturing and empathetic person. You display the characteristics of the astrology sign. It’s a different impression than you would gather from my natal Sun sign.
 There is truth in “opposites attract’. Knowing your polar opposite, or polarities in astrology, such as the Ascendant vs Descendant, helps you learn what we look for in romantic partners, friends and clients and what they look for in you.
 To find your Descendant, look for the sign that is located directly opposite of your Rising or six signs away. My Descendant sign is Taurus which is opposite to my Scorpio Ascendant. Scroll down to find the chart.
For example, I was reading the chart of a Business Coach the other day, and she has a Leo Rising. Not only did she have a great head of hair, she easily delegated and showed herself as a leader in our Ottawa business community. The opposite sign is Aquarius, and they will look to learn from Leos how to be warm and know how to connect with individuals in groups more easily and feel like they belong. Leos people are the life of the party, and Aquarius people can often feel like an outsider even though they like groups.
In relationships where we are here to learn important lessons in this life from our relationships, this is true too. Our opposite often possesses qualities we wish we had in ourselves. For example, a Pisces can teach a Virgo to have more faith and trust, whereas a Virgo can teach Pisces to become more grounded by having a routine.
One last thought I will share. I am conscious of my Descendant in terms of marketing and communication much more now. Taurus Sun Sign people, or those who have lots of Taurus planets looking at my website or hearing me speak, will be attracted to my exclusive 1:1 service. They are naturally attracted to high-quality experiences where they feel pampered, plus deep down, Taurus longs for transformation, a very Scorpio word that will get them ‘unstuck.’ Inertia is a very common Taurus problem.
Want to know your polar opposite to attract soul clients or romantic partners? This can help you understand why certain people keep coming out of the woodwork and how to connect with them.
Here is your Descendant based on your Ascendant