3 Tips to Find Your Birth Time


Geez, Louise, I can’t find my birthtime. Does it matter for a chart reading?

Yes, it does. We want to know your “Big Three” Sun, Moon and Rising ( ascendant), and the rising shifts every 2 hours on average. The rising, often referred to as your social mask, is the first thing people see about us. First impressions are significant, and knowing your rising can help you know better an essential part of your natal personality.

I have worked with clients and taught about relationships for years, and the rising helps to tell who will be attracted to you. In my teens and 20’s, I had some Scorpio men on my trail and couldn’t understand it. Now I do. 

If you don’t know your time of birth, don’t worry, it’s a common thing, especially if you are from a big family or your mum was put under anesthetic during your birth like my mom was in the 1960s. You may be like loads of my friends and adopted.  

Here are 3 Tips for finding your birth time. 

  1. Contact the hospital where you were born. My mum was a nurse who had worked at the same hospital for over forty years. She called up her chart from medical records and got my birth time from birth notes written by staff. Similarly, I recently sent off my son’s birth information at a hospital in Toronto. Medical Records had to search for his information off-site, which cost a fee, but it was worth the money!

        2. Channel Nancy Drew and look for your baby book! Now I’m the last child, so my mum was too tired to make notes about my birth or any other baby milestones, but many parents keep some information tucked away. 

         3. Pick people’s brains. Talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins or siblings who might have valuable memories about that day. Clues like the sun were coming up, and then you can use the Google machine can help you google sunset times on the day of your birth.  

Last but not least, some astrologers offer astrology chart rectification. You can find one on the internet. 

Once you find your birth time, enter it onto a website like astro.com to learn your rising. While you’re looking up your rising, make sure to note your natal moon sign.

The moon falls into a zodiac sign and house. The moon is vital information because it rules your emotions, subconscious, and emotional intelligence. To learn more about your moon and to create easy relationships, download my free mini-moon guide.