Couple’s Trip: Are You Ready? Read my simple zodiac guide to travelling compatibility



I decided early on in my relationship with my boyfriend, now my husband with that I would carry on my backpack travels no matter our relationship standing. As a person who worked as a contractor in the film  industry it was normal to go travelling often for months in between shows. This time I decided to take my cousin’s advice and go to Central America.. At that point in our relationship we were pretty much living together so it came as a surprise to my boyfriend when I said I was taking off for a couple of months to travel. He asked if he could and I said sure. He had not really travelled extensively and definitely not backpacked into parts unknown. However he had something extremely important to a successful trip and ultimately life together – A Sagittarius Moon.


So what’s so important about a Sagittarius Moon? Well, The Moon in our astrology natal chart represents how we are nurtured and emotionally connect and our subconscious or past. It is how we live with someone day to day. When it comes to travel this is incredibly important because you don’t often have breaks from each other and stressful unexpected experiences are guaranteed like when my boyfriend got a nasty stomach bug on a bus with no bathroom!. Your Moon will come into play so often and importantly that it can make or break your relationship. 


Am I being dramatic? No, I’m a Gemini not a Leo; however there’s nothing that assists people in getting to know each other than travel. You see the person warts and all and how they handle a multitude of situations.  if it doesn’t break up a couple immediately after the trip, it can be a red flag or a tremendous lesson on how you should operate with each other. 


For example both being Sagittarius Moons meant we loved to travel without a plan. This is a man who had travelled luxuriously in the past and then all of a sudden went travelling on the chicken buses in the middle of a foreign country. We both loved winging it and relied on guidance from fellow backpackers to guide us to the next exciting destination. A person with a natal Taurus or Virgo Moon might feel really put off by this fly by the seat of your pants approach to travel. They want something more solid or planned to feel safe. Something that is very reasonable but for Sag moons such as myself it would feel stifling our freedom to change our minds because we found something more exciting.


I found that our trip foreshadowed our emotional relationship. We are emotionally compatible because we understand each other’s emotional needs. It’s not always seamless since we have the same up and downs emotionally during a month but it’s made us become more conscious and compromising on who needs to be the focus of the day because they have had a worse emotional day. 


Do you need to be the same Moon sign? No. There are more factors in a natal chart that make a couple more compatible than others. Like signs, houses and aspects. The Moon was a big lightbulb for me in my astrology education and helped explain so many relationships I have had successfully and not so successfully. 


However, one easy guide is to consider the Moon’s elements which are fire, earth, air and water. If you Moon is in the same element it will be easier and some elements are more comfortable with other elements. Here is a simple general guide to see whether you are Moon compatible. If you don’t know your Moon, download my free Lunar Blueprint here


Fire Moons:





Earth Moons:





Air Moons: 





Water Moons:






Fire +Fire= +

Fire +Air =+

Earth +Earth =+

Earth + Water = + 



To learn more before you book a trip with a potential love partner, get to know their Moon sign. It will tell you so much about what they need to feel more comfortable travelling and how to more easily connect. 


To learn more about your Moon and what it needs to connect and feel safe, download my free Lunar  Blueprint or book an AstroMindset session and learn to know yourself more deeply at