The Astrological Alchemy of Virgo Couples


Who is the Best Love Match for a Virgo Sun Sign? Lessons from My Virgo Grandparents 

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As we step into Virgo season, I can’t help but reflect on the Virgos in my life, especially my Virgo grandparents. Their story, their personalities, and the relationship they built have left an indelible mark on my perspective. Let’s delve into the unique world of Virgos in love and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from their Virgo-Virgo union.

The Unconventional Love Story

My nana and grandfather, both Virgos, weren’t your typical love-at-first-sight couple. Their journey together had its twists and turns, but what stands out most is the success and happiness they found with each other. While I won’t delve into the particulars of how they came together (hint: shotgun), it’s safe to say that their marriage was an undeniable success.

Redefining Virgo

Traditionally, Virgo was often associated with the image of the virgin or spinster, but modern interpretations have shifted towards characterizing Virgo women as independent, especially financial independence. They don’t need to partner up for financial reasons; they partner up because they desire an equal relationship. This modern take on Virgo aligns more closely with my belief that Virgos are all about success, even in marriage.

Shared Values and Bright Minds

Ruled by Mercury, the ruler of all things mental, Virgos are known for their intelligence, and when two Virgos come together, you can bet there is a meeting of the minds. What makes them compatible is not just intelligence but their shared values of hard work and their intrinsic drive to improve things. Virgos are natural problem solvers, and when they find a kindred spirit in each other, they can create a strong base for lasting relationships.

The Earthy Connection

Grounded as earth signs, my Virgo grandparents shared a profound sense of practicality. They knew the value of money and were aligned in their financial priorities. For example, my grandfather, who didn’t give a fig about where they lived, followed my nana’s guidance for where and when to buy a house. It made them money in the end. They also shared a commitment to health and fitness, reflecting their practical and earthy nature.

Emotional Stability and Clarity

In addition to their earthy qualities, they exuded emotional stability and clarity. Virgos are not ones to let emotions cloud their judgment, and this clarity of thought was a cornerstone of their enduring love.

The Critical Love Language

Virgos are infamous for their critical nature. It’s true; they can be brutally honest and picky at times. But what lies beneath this criticism is a deep desire to help and improve. Virgos want the best for you, and their critiques come from a place of love and a genuine wish to see you thrive.

So, if you’re a Virgo considering a romantic partnership, another Virgo is your cosmic match. Their shared values, intelligence, and drive for improvement can create a strong, supportive foundation. And when those inevitable criticisms come your way, remember, like you, that it’s all rooted in a desire for your well-being and success.

As I reflect on my Virgo grandparents and the multitude of Virgos in my life, I’m reminded that beneath their critical exterior lies a heart full of love and a dedication to helping others become their best versions. So, here’s to Virgo love and the wisdom it brings to all of us, one analytical critique at a time.