Sun Signs for Authentic Relationships: Your Astrology Guide


Exploring Your Astrology Relationship Blueprint: Unveiling the Important Influence of Sun Signs on Your Authentic Self and Relationships
I began my Stars and Hearts program and all my astrology readings focused first on a person’s Sun sign and it’s for a very good reason.
The Sun sign creates a foundation for understanding who you are and what motivates you.  It shows as our essence and our most central self. It indicates our fundamental drives and expressions.  We can see it manifested in where we become energized when focused.
For example, I’m a 10-degree Sun sign Gemini which means I show the characteristics of this Sun sign strongly by a driving desire for all forms of communication. Geminis are hungry for information and dive into subjects to LEARN. It is through the activity of learning that this world is more deeply experienced.
 Yes, we also move onto another subject quickly and can be seen as having a short attention span and zodiac apps will call us shallow and flighty. A more in-depth study of astrology will reveal that Geminis like all the other eleven Sun signs operate for a purpose. It is how you will shine or be challenged in this lifetime.
I tell my clients that our Sun is a cosmic sign revealing who you are striving to be and how you can be your authentic self.  In the area of relationship coaching, the Sun sign is extremely important. It will tell you what you should consciously show from the beginning of a relationship. Yes, your authenticity is the key to easy and long-term relationships.
I’m going to share how each Sun sign shines below, in hopes that it will begin to allow you to think of how you see these words within yourself:
Aries is striving to be brave, initiate and independent
Taurus is striving to be stable, calm, earthy, physical and beautiful.
Gemini is striving to be social, communicative, curious and clever
Cancer is striving to be nurturing, imaginative, empathetic, and sensitive
Leo  is striving to be creative, loving, openhearted, and expressive
Virgo is striving to be organized responsible, disciplined and detailed
Libra  is striving to be  social, harmonious, balanced, diplomatic and beautiful
Scorpio  is striving to be deep, intense, intuitive and probing
Sagittarius is striving to be adventurous, knowledgable, truth-seeker and funny.
Capricorn is striving to be industrious, responsible, action-orientated and accomplished.
Aquarius  is striving to be futuristic, innovative, community-minded and humanitarian
Pisces  is striving to be spiritual, sensitive, creative and compassionate,
Please use this information to begin to think about what motivates you.
 What am I here to do? Who am I best to make the journey in this life with?
 Every Sun sign has its unique brilliance and its challenges.  Everyone is constantly evolving and changing It’s all good and right.
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