Three Gift Ideas For Your Taurus Friend


Okay, so it is Taurus season, and I’m a bit late. It started at the end of April, but now we’re into May, and many birthdays are still coming up in my life for my little Taurus friends, including my daughter, who is turning 19. So I thought I would share some of my Taurus gift ideas with you.

First, for those who aren’t that familiar with the Sun sign Taurus, what does that mean to be a Taurus? Well, I’m gonna share a couple of words to describe a Taurus, but the caveat is that nobody is exactly the archetype of their sign. There are many other influences besides the Sun sign that makes the whole sum of our personality.

One word that first comes to my mind to describe Taurus friends is reliability. They are the people you want to turn to when you need someone who is very stable. A wise owl or a ‘good egg’ as I have described my friend Lisa on many occasions. Their sun sign is the most connected to the Earth, which is why they seem so grounded.

The one gift I guarantee that my friends would really like because they are so grounded is anything to do with the earth. They are the patient gardeners that are elbow-deep in the dirt when I drop by their houses. They love planting, weeding, and making their gardens beautiful and fertile to grow something to eat. So you might wanna give them a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or, better yet, something to add to their garden, like a unique plant or flower.

The second thing when I think of my Taurus friends is food! They like to eat! I’ve been blessed to be invited over for dinner, and are often the best cooks. They just love the taste of food and are very sensual people. So I tend to think that if you have time, make them something delicious to eat, like a cake or a pie. No time? Go buy something at the bakery that you think is fantastic, or better yet, take them out for a luxurious meal.

And the third thing that comes to mind is my Taurus friends as the best-dressed people. Think Cate Blanchett and Audrey Hepburn. To me, they are the greatest dressers of all time. Givenchy, Armani couture outfits Fashion icons.

Taurus is the most physical and material loving of all the signs; hence they go for luxury. Silk fabrics and such things next to their skin make them feel good. Maybe luxurious bath items or some sort of lotion that would make their skin feel better. Even a high-end lipstick will do the trick.

Those are three ideas for my Taurus birthday gifts. I better get back to shopping, but I want to say Happy Birthday to all my Taurus friends!

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