The Astrological Secret to Taylor Swift Dating Successfully

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It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday, or, Swiftmas as the Swifties call it. For the first time, I took a peek at her astrology natal chart which is the placement of the planets at the exact time of your birth. It’s a very interesting chart and there are many astrology indications she would have the phenomenal professional success she has.


I was curious about her chart from a relationship point of view. Taylor has written extensively about the ups and downs of her romantic relationships and recently she thrilled her fans by dating the handsome NFL player Travis Kelce. I was looking specifically to see what the sign her  Moon fell into. 


If you are new to astrology it’s always easy to begin with learning about your Sun sign since most generally know what sign they were born under. 

Taylor is a Sagittarius Sun sign which generally means she’s a natural explorer because they are on a mission to find the truth in all matters. It is why we often see them becoming world travellers and digging into philosophy and pursuing an education of all kinds.  


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The natal Moon, however, is super important and tells us the story of how Taylor will react emotionally, nurture and be nurtured. Understanding your natural emotional navigation system is a powerful tool in connecting, communicating and understanding what you need from friends, colleagues and a romantic partner. It also indicates how 


Taylor is a natal Cancer Moon represented by the Crab in astrology. Sensitive, highly creative, empathetic and intuitive they are known for being emotionally intelligent. She will also easily absorb others’ emotions because she feels the need to nourish others. Cancer Moons make great counsellors and therapists. She must be careful not to lose herself in caretaking or get weighed down by storing those emotions. Emotional overwhelm can result in exhaustion and lead to the famous crabby moodiness. 


I think Taylor’s lyrics are an expression of her beautiful Cancer creativity and sensitivities. It also makes me think she’s a wonderful example to Cancers of how to channel emotion healthily.  I think she would also be wise to create a sanctuary to de-clutter herself from all the emotional residue of crowds and her team. For this water Moon sign, a long hot bath to wash it all away is a good daily ritual. She can afford a top-notch luxury bath on her private jet!


I recommend that my clients who are entering into a new relationship learn about their Moon sign. It will help to build confidence and clarity to know who is going to work on a day-to-day basis. It’s also who you are when you are alone and what you will need to trust and reveal. As Taylor dates Travis, he will get to see her Cancer Moon up close but I suspect he like all of us see glimpses in her music. The way we see it in her music 




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