Shine Bright in Your Career with Sun Sign Superpowers


Changing your path can be really frightening, especially when it comes to your career. Over the years, I’ve taken less-traveled and often outside-the-box routes, even certifying in astrology! This journey has required a lot of mindset work, which is ongoing. I value understanding what excites me and what’s not in my zone of genius.

I’ve been coaching women for years who feel depleted and unfulfilled because they’re working long hours at jobs they don’t love. This drains their energy and soul, leaving them stuck in routines dictated by others’ expectations rather than their true desires. Many struggle to recognize or accept the unique ways they can shine in the world.

Here’s a reminder: reconnecting with ourselves by becoming conscious of our sense of purpose and what drives us can make a big difference in gaining clarity about our career and personal life. In my business mindset coaching sessions, I turn to astrology to help my clients look at their strengths in a different, more soulful way. The Sun sign, familiar to many from horoscopes, helps us understand where we best express ourselves and our core essence. It governs how we radiate our inner selves to the outer world and how we shine uniquely.

Even if your Sun sign feels foreign or totally on brand, I encourage you to look at these descriptions to see yourself more clearly or in a whole new way. The Sun is tied to personal fulfillment and the journey towards self-actualization. These descriptions can get our creative juices flowing and help us see where we might be getting in our own way. For instance, if you’re a Virgo Sun, do you emphasize your analytical mind and organizational talent? As a Scorpio, are you using your intuitive ability to read others in your work, or do you dismiss it? As a Gemini, I shine when I bring to  my ability to connect and communicate with others into my work.

How can you shine?

Here’s a breakdown of how each of the 12 zodiac signs shines:

1. Aries (The Pioneer)
– Shines when they help liberate people from unjust situations, use their strength and tenacity to achieve goals, rescue others from difficult situations, and take action on their convictions and values.

2. Taurus (The Citizen)
– Shines when they advocate for others, provide grounded service, build connections, and show others how to build a solid foundation.

3. Gemini (The Reporter)
– Shines when they are playful, amusing, adaptable, and able to awaken and catalyze growth and evolution in others.

4. Cancer (The Nurturer)
– Shines when they are compassionate, selfless, supportive, and protective, providing guidance and oversight to those in need.

5.  Leo (The Creator)
– Shines when they can express their visionary ideas, impart knowledge creatively, and allow their creative expression to flow.

6. Virgo (The Editor)
– Shines when they help others by simplifying complex information, providing spiritual insights, sharing experiences, and using their instinctual skills for truth and knowledge.

7.  Libra (The Diplomat)
– Shines when spreading love in all forms, making strategic connections, enjoying sensual pleasures, and collaborating to achieve shared goals.

8.  Scorpio (The Magician)
– Shines when they generate bold ideas, design structured solutions, help others achieve transformation, and experiment with innovative approaches.

9.  Sagittarius (The Explorer)
– Shines when they explore, learn, blaze new paths, and have daring, new experiences.

10.  Capricorn (The Prime Minister)
– Shines when showing leadership, protecting others, providing wise counsel, and mediating between people or organizations.

11. Aquarius (The Rebel)
– Shines when enhancing systems, disrupting the status quo, taking calculated risks, and championing causes.

12.  Pisces (The Dreamer)
– Shines when expressing utopian ideals, getting lost in endless possibilities, being playful and curious, and inspiring others through co-creative processes.

Remember, we are more than just our Sun sign. One of the aspects I enjoy most in my work with clients is helping them uncover their talents and lean into their potential.

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