Navigating Harmony and Honesty: Libra’s Journey in Relationships


Navigating Harmony and Honesty: Libra’s Journey in Relationships


It’s Libra season, and recently, I read the astrology chart of a friend who hired me to help her discover more about where she should take her career. She had a strong Libra chart with numerous planets in Libra. Even though her Sun sign wasn’t Libra, her overall energy was very Libra, which meant it felt great to be in her space and hang with her. Libra’s energy is pleasant and chill, to say the least. 


It reminded me of how I used to take a deep exhalation every time I walked into my in-law’s house. Both were Libra Sun signs and as one of the planets ruled by the beauty-loving Venus, their house looked like it should be featured in HGTV magazine. Years ago, when I lived in Toronto, driving 10 minutes to their house away from my chaotic house, toddler mess, and noise for tea and chat felt like a respite.  I could exhale and breathe in a calm oasis. 


Their house reflected what Astrologer Steven Forrest jokes: Libra’s signed a perpetual peace treaty with chaos.” They desire harmony, balance and nipping tension before it ruins things. That means they often have the patience of a saint and don’t make a big deal when a Geminis like me, who stops along the way to have a too-long chat with a stranger, graciously forgives my tardiness. Being in a relationship with others is what gives the Libra Sun sign people their energy and vitality, and they aren’t going to let that be a reason to get upset. 

That’s why Libra is associated with marriage as well, and nothing helps a Libra to evolve than two different people entering into a daily commitment where they have to learn how to keep harmony. However, in a romantic relationship, that is easier said than done. It is not all rainbows and bubbles, and life can present some real challenges. Libras have their ups and downs in relationships. And that’s a good thing. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, even for this peace-loving Sun sign learning. 


Libras in a relationship don’t always get this at first. They might feel pissed at something their spouse or partner did or said, but they suck it up and don’t reveal their real feelings. They pretend or fool themselves about what they feel or think isn’t important, especially if it rocks the boat of their relationship. They believe in peace at all costs.


We aren’t robots, though. Peace at all costs does have costs, and that can be Libra’s self-worth and individuality.  Shutting down your feelings and desires for another is a recipe for resentment, and there’s no death knell like that feeling underneath the service. It breeds contempt one of the leading indicators of a relationship ending.


If you are a Libra Sun sign in a relationship or getting back into the dating world, realize that part of what makes us grow is to be connected to what we want. Learn to recognize early symptoms of emotional imbalance by checking in with yourself. Trying to keep the peace is exhausting and hasn’t the desired effect you think. As a matter of fact, honesty opens up dialogue and leads to greater intimacy, something that is necessary for Libran happiness and satisfaction. 

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