How Does Your Sun Sign Chill?


It’s Sunday morning, and if you are a Taurus, there’s one thing you must do. Nothing.. Just chill like a bull in a beautiful meadow gazing down on the flowers of the field.

My Taurean daughter gave me a great reminder yesterday when she came into the living room to tell me how happy she was to just lie in her bed. She’s a teenager with a hectic life, so it makes sense she’s tired. But, unlike her Gemini mum at the same age, she needs to take it slow. I would have been happily hyper-socializing with a friend instead of resting in my bed.

You see, each sun sign has basic needs that need to be honoured to thrive. Look at it as self-care. The Taurus gals need to take it slow, or she just won’t do well. The Gemini gal needs to connect with others to express thoughts. It’s all different and all wonderful self-care.

I wanted to send a reminder this Sunday about self-care for two reasons: My old business coach Sarah met her 100k/month goal saying “I always say that self-care is my number 1 strategy, and it’s never been truer.” ; and because I worked with a businesswoman on this subject this week. She was trying to clarify where to focus her energy in her business but her brain was too tired to see the solutions. 

The bottom line is that in order for her to expand her business and, most importantly, do what makes her happy, she needed to slow down and give herself space to listen.

Look also at it from an astrological point of view based on your sun sign first. Your sun is our vital energy; when our sun is strong and well cared for, we are full of strength and energy.

Alternatively, you can also ask yourself the question, “what is one thing that I can do now that will help me to take care of myself?” Then, write down the first answer your subconscious pops into your mind. It doesn’t have to be complicated and could be as simple as a five-minute meditation.

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