Gemini Tips Avoid Communication Foul Ups.

It is Gemini season (May 21-June 21), and those born under this Sun sign, like all natal Sun signs, have many strengths, and they have challenges. I can say that confidently because I’m a Gemini Sun sign 10 degrees. And in astrology, those born in the first descante, meaning those within the first ten degrees, get the sign’s strongest traits.
Typically, I am curious and like to learn, and if you ask my friends and spouse, they will tell you that I’m a talker. Don’t hang out with me before you’ve had your coffee in the morning, or you’ll want to throttle me!
We can learn things from all signs, and with Gemini, communication is our thing to teach. I made my living for years, teaching individuals and couples how to communicate better in their relationships. Recently,  I had a misunderstanding with a friend, and I was reminded of one of my favourite communication videos I made years ago about how to communicate effectively, especially if you have a misunderstanding or conflict.
We all have times when we get mixed signals with friends, partners or clients, which can cause stress. I love people, especially friends, so I try to keep communication open and respectful. But it’s not always easy. You may avoid communicating with that person because you fear it may cause more grief or bad feelings. However, avoiding communication and hoping it will improve itself doesn’t improve it. I guarantee.
You may need to learn how to think differently about your communication style. Some new mindset tools to bring in to patch things up or understand each other better. Check out this golden oldie video that shares communication tips I have shared with my clients and friends for years.
Also, consider this your personal invitation to dive deep with me into a year still brimming with promise and potential. Something beautiful is awaiting you in this  Gemini season. I would love to explore the opportunity to find it together.
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