What to Expect From A Cancer Ex After Divorce


My friend has an ex-husband that has really struggled with their divorce. Now, most people struggle in some form or another when they divorce, but there is one Sun sign that feels divorce is horrific, and that’s Cancer Sun sign. They are devastated when their relationship falls apart, even when they have been feeling disconnected from their spouse for some time.

Like all Sun signs, Cancer people have beautiful qualities people will be attracted to and appreciate. Famously, they are very sensitive and nurturing. Ruled by the Moon, they are intuitive and have wonderful ‘mother’ energy, often making them terrific with kids even when they aren’t parents themselves.

As with most Water signs, Cancers are deeply feeling. Their sensitivity means they need a place to channel what they feel and their vivid imagination. Ideally, Cancers find a creative outlet, like writing or painting or acting. Frida Kahlo, Edgar Degas and Rembrandt were all Cancers. Meryl Streep, considered the greatest modern actor, is a Cancer. They must express their pent-up emotions to avoid lapsing into moodiness or resentment, and it particularly helps when they are hurt.

Divorce also means Cancers, who have a natural shell to protect themselves against messy emotional confrontations, lose something they value above all else- their security. Cancers feel secure when they can nurture and are needed. They love what’s known and familiar, comforting and safe. They love their homes.

Losing a relationship, no matter how negative, means they lose their family and home, something a Cancer deeply needs. There aren’t Sagitarians who make their home where they hang their luggage. Disruption in family rituals and changing their physical homes is painful.

Can you avoid an unpleasant post-divorce relationship with a Cancer? It depends on a couple of things. Perhaps the Cancer ex will fall for someone else who gives them the attention they feel they deserve. Also, and this is, of course, ideal, they forgo being a martyr and discover the root of the resentment you felt from them felt for years.

Pray for this, especially if you have joint custody of kids, that your Cancer Ex learns the most important thing a Cancer can learn- how to nurture themselves and provide his own needs. This will help fill the Cancer up.

Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t forgive you for a long time. Betrayal of trust goes deep with the water signs. They feel things so intensely that they need the time to retreat into their shell to recover.

In the meanwhile, clean your side of the street by reminding yourself of his great gentleness and tenderness and looney sense of humour. If you appreciate these wonderful aspects of a Cancer, that will help to begin to heal relations.

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