Astrology Help Mid-Life Relationship Change?


In midlife,  people often look to astrology for predictions about major life events like relationships and divorce. Is this a good time to get serious in a relationship? Is this the time to break it off? Can astrology help someone make the future a little more predictable?

Yes, there are significant transits that make midlife a time for a change. For example, around 42, a second Saturn opposition takes place and takes place, and this happens when our natal Saturn is in the opposite sign of transiting Saturn or is at an angle of 180 degrees. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and structure and represents how we restrict ourselves. The Saturn Opposition is the halfway point where you can course correct if you aren’t on the right path. Astrologer Maressa Brown writes,” Think of this as your midlife wake-up call or reality check in which you’ll see life as it truly is versus how you once imagined it would be.”

  I used to work with couples and individuals at a relationship centre here in Ottawa and co-taught a course about rebuilding after your relationships end. We focused on teaching how to understand yourself more and how you ‘do’ relationships. I learned that women generally begin to realize their marriage no longer works 3-5 years before they actually end it. I also noticed a correlation between the Saturn Opposition age and when my clients said they had begun to realize that their relationship with their spouse or partner wasn’t working.

Women begin to come into themselves in their 40s. They are generally over the intensive caretaking of young kids or have achieved much in their career and want to become more assertive. As a result, partnerships that feel unequal begin to wear, and they no longer want to suppress what they feel or think for fear of conflict. This period can lead to reevaluating whether they want to stay in relationships.

Significant transits may be a time when painful events like divorce or breakups occur. Still, we can see these transits as opportunities to explore aspects of ourselves that need attention and development. When we are experiencing ‘big’ feelings, it is a subconscious and spiritual message that we are not comfortable anymore with the status quo and are ready for change. I know it’s easier said than done, but from experience, I can confidently say the phoenix does rise from the ashes when we open up to information. 


Please note that there are significant transits at this time  I will jump into at a later date!

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